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Summer & Fall Events of 2017

"Another rotten day in Heaven - someone's got to do it so it might as well be us!


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"Another Rotten Day in Heaven.  Some Body Has to Do It So It Might As Well Be Us!"


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Going to Mt. Snow in Vermont. Stay at the Gray Ghost Inn

290 Route 100
West Dover, Vermont 05356
































































































































































































*  Buffy & John competed in 4 competitions on the golf course again in 2017; low net, match play, closest to the pin on par 3s and low putts.  The end the year Buffy & John Invitational Tournament ended in a tie by Buffy holing a putt on the last hole. To view Buffy's GHIN handicap click HERE.  To view John's GHIN handicap click HEREA summary of the season competion is posted below:

Competition Buffy % John % Ties %
Low Net 23 39 29 49 7 12
Match Play 22 39 32 54 4 7
Closest to the Pin 22 39 24 40 11 21
Number of Putts 17 28 35 60 8 12
Total # Closest to the Pin 60 49 68 51 0 0

* Buffy & John celebrated the coming of Chistmas at daughter Denise and Patrick's home on Saturday, December 2nd.  The photo taken at the event documents how everyone has grown.

The Whiting Annual Xmas Party hosted by daughter Denise (middle front)

*  John has just published his 15th book "The Women's Guide to Learning to Play Golf for Fun!".  The book was written to provide women, wives, and girlfriends who may wish to join their friends, husbands, and boy friends for a fun round of golf.  The book details how to make learning to play golf easy and fun.  The book is available online at in paperback edition.  An eBook edition will be available shorly. 

* Buffy & John's Crystal Springs Cart Manager Russ is headed to a new career opportunity.  He requested John take   a photograph of his many emplyee freinds and his Cart Staff to capture the memories of his time at the resort.  Those photos are below.

*  Buffy & John played Black Bear Golf Club with sister Peg on October 16th.  It was a fun day in spite of the chilly weather.  It was fun to share a day on the links with sister Peg and a few adult beverages at the Grasshopper after golf.

Our friend Charlie the Black Bear Golf Assistant took this photo

Peg 's photo of Buffy & John on the green of Bkacj Bear's 12th hole

*  Buffy & John welcomed golfing buddy Harry Nullet to play a round of golf at the Ballyowen Golf Club. They enjoyed a cold adult beverage at the Owen's Pub 19th hole following golf served by bartender friend Kyle. It was fun again.

Buffy & John share a cold adult beverage with friend Harry Nullet following golf at Ballyowen Golf Club served by bartender buddy Kyle.

*  Buffy & John played in the 2nd Annual Nullet Invitational Golf Classic at the beautiful The Links at Uniondale Golf Club.  The team of Buffy, John, Steve and Sal won the event with Buffy surviving some difficuylt hazards to take low net honors for the event.  It was fun.

The golfers in the 2nd Annual Nullet Invitational Golf Classic held at the beautifule The Links at Unionvale Golf Club

Buffy hits out of the native grass at the Links of Unionvale Golf Club.  She won low net in the event.

* The arrival of September provides an opportunity for Buffy & John to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary (9/3) in the traditional way - golf at Ballyowen Golf Club.  Sister Peg, John & Buffy celebrated Anne's birthday (8/22) and their anniversary at Portofino's.  It was fun again.

John & Buffy & Ballyowen Starter John for Anniversary

Peg, John & Buffy celebrate Anne's birthday at Portofino's

 * Buffy has started a new business called "Buffy's Bargains" to sell her homemade knitted products that include baby products: booties, baby caps, baby blankets; adult products: neck cowels, headbands, fingerless gloves and more.  Custom orders are accepted.  Check out her Buffy's Bargains Facebook page by clicking HERE.  Check out samples of the products on Buffy's Bargains Etsy Page by clicking HERE.  Samples of products are presented below:

*  The 2017 22nd Annual Poppa Lou Golf Classic was held on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at the beautiful Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort.  This is one of the special events of the summer that brings friends and family together at a beautiful facility for a fun day of golf and to party.  The photo below is of this year's golfers.

The golfers in the 2017 22nd Annual Poppa Lou Golf Classic

* Buffy and John continue to play in and photograph the golf events at the Crystal Springs Golf Resort and the monthly Crystal Cup Qualifing tournaments.  Photos graphs of these fun events can be viewed on Golf Event Photos Facebook.  The pair surprised their fellow golfers by taking the win in Flight 3 of the July Crystal Cup Qualifier.  The photograph below documents their win.

Buffy & John receive their winner's prize from Crystal Springs event coordinator Matt McGary

* The Friends and Family Annual Memorial Day gathering was held upstate in Saugerties New York featuring the traditional softball game, family photograph and picnic at Buffy's sister Irene's home.  It was fun!

* The 2017 23rd Annual Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic was held (and celebrated) on Saturday May 20th at the Hidden Acres Golf Course with the usual fun party at the Flat Brook Tap House.  Photos of the event can be viewed by clicking HERE.

* We had a fun sibling/Birthday catch-up dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Portofinos on Friday, April 28th one day before sister Peg's birthday. 

John, Sister Peg, Buffy & Sister Anne with Mendy and son

 * As the days get warmer Buffy and John are balancing between preparing for the 23rd Annual Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic scheduled for Saturday May 13th and the 22nd Poppa Lou Golf Classic scheduled for Saturday July 15th and having fun playing golf and enjoying some of the local hot spots like the Airport Pub with friends. 

* The 2017 Golf Season begins with the start of the Crystal Cup Qualifiers at the Crystal Springs Resort and with the 2017 23rd Annual Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic scheduled for Saturday, May 13th at the Hidden Acres Golf Club with a party to follow at the Flat Brook Tap House.  It's a blast!

If you are interested in playing in a fun golf event visit the Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic web site at or by clicking HERE.  You can download an "Official Announcement" and register your scramble team online.

Pictures of the golfers who played in last year's HV Closed are shown below:

The "regulars"gathered for the 22nd Annual HV Closed

John, Buffy, Rick & Bill tied for 1st. Lost match of cards

Rules are rules!  Buffy helps Ritchie dress like a lady to make his team legal.

Buffy is always a winner.  This year it was Lady's longest drive.

* As the days get warmer Buffy and John are balancing between preparing for the 22nd Annual Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic scheduled for May 13th and the 22nd Poppa Lou Golf Classic scheduled for Saturday July 17th and having fun playing golf and enjoying some of the local hot spots like the Airport Pub with friends. 


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